Driving More Impact with Your Nonprofit’s Website

June 19, 2018

Hi, fellow marketers!

My name is Charlotte Woodward, and I am a marketing manager here at Blackbaud. I also sit on the board of our local American Marketing Association chapter here in Charleston. After recently going through a website re-design with our Organization, today I wanted to share a couple of tips to help your nonprofit’s website make a great first impression.

First, you should think of your website as your nonprofit’s virtual front door. You want to give it some curb appeal!

Did you know that 60% of donors will look at your website before making a donation? What’s even more important is that viewers on average take only three seconds to scan your website! This means your homepage needs to be easy to scan, understandable, and intuitive so that, in the three seconds they are scanning, you keep them engaged enough to continue with their action.

Which brings me to my next point: your call to action. Your website is an opportunity for you to not only make a good first impression for your organization—it is the PERFECT place to make an ask of your audience. Make sure your option to give—like a "donate now" button—is bold and easy to find. It also needs to be above-the-fold (the space you see when you open a web page before you have to scroll down.)

Here’s a pro-tip: Studies have shown that using the word “Donate” performs better than other options, like “Give now” or “Make a gift!”

If people aren’t able to give monetarily, provide other easy-to-find options for them to get involved—like through volunteering or buying tickets to an upcoming event.

And finally, make sure your mission is easy to understand within that initial three second scan. You can help visualize your mission and tell your story by using compelling imagery and descriptive language.

And that is your marketing tip to make a great first impression through your website. We’ll see you next month!


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