Breach more boundaries with an award-winning website.

July 26, 2018

With a website that breaches boundaries for your mission, your organization will be unstoppable. The second video in our Real-Time Marketing for Boundary-Breachers series gives you tips for planning and executing a website redesign that will drive results for your organization. Watch the video and follow along with the below checklist:

  1. Start with a plan for success. First, analyze the websites of your competition. I always do this with two questions in mind: What do you love? | What do you hate? Try to go beyond picking the website apart and really find what makes the user experience great.
  2. The next step is to define your audience. Really get a sense of who your site visitors are and what actions they are performing. Then optimize the experience to make your site exactly what your users want.
  3. Next, this is a great time to explore new functionality. The web is always changing, and new tools come out all the time. A redesign is a great time to refresh the functional elements on your site with the latest and greatest.
  4. Doing a content audit is always a good idea as well. See what content is still relevant and what pages can be archived or deleted. Less is always more when it comes to an amazing web experience, but make sure the content tells your story.
  5. It’s also important to create an ideal timeline to track your progress from start to finish. Align each task with an achievable goal and hold yourself accountable to these micro-goals. Ask yourself this question, What is our launch window, and how can we align this project with other ongoing efforts? Come up with a game plan for success.
  6. Finally, make firm future goals for your website. Make sure they are clear and hold them tight. The further away from these goals you get, the less satisfied you’ll be with your website. They’ll help you stay true to the task at hand.
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