Episode 54: Networked Advocacy Trends All Nonprofits Can Learn From

April 19, 2018 Blackbaud, Inc.

Networking and digital trends have brought about big changes in politics and culture. For nonprofit organizations to keep up, they have to lean into these trends and change the way that they operate as well. The digital landscape and networking capabilities have created new opportunities for building power and allowing large-scale, effective collaborations. 

Today’s guest is Tom Liacas. Tom is a Senior Strategist at NetChange. NetChange is a Canadian digital consulting agency that helps transition legacy institutions to new network models. Tom is also the co-founder of a publicly traded social media agency, software developer, and a writer. Listen to the episode to hear what Tom has to say about network advocacy trends and what nonprofits can learn from them. 

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • How Tom got involved in the nonprofit community
  • How the cultural and political landscape is changing how nonprofits work
  • What Tom has seen change in the nonprofit sector in the last 20 years
  • The Networked Change Report
  • How data can help nonprofits evaluate what their supporters are interested in and inform messaging
  • The importance of training people to implement effective strategies
  • Why going overboard with branding can ultimately be a negative
  • How to create campaigns with a wider lens and less branding that will attract more supporters
  • Tom’s recommendations for other nonprofits 

Links and Resources: 

Tom Liacas

The Networked Change Report




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“Every new cohort that joins the nonprofit organizing world is more and more ready to do things on their own.” 

“We saw the early days of this already showing up in the 90s, but now we can say that our culture has been thoroughly transformed by our networks, by digital, and by all of the cultural sea changes that those things have brought along as well.” 

“I always say that technology and culture evolve in parallel and so the big picture changes that digital permeates our lives and our activities as professionals, but new behaviors and new attitudes are just as much a part of it.”


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