Episode 44: Fundraising with Social Ambassadors ft. Beth Kanter

February 8, 2018 Blackbaud, Inc.

As nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and executives, we always need to be looking for new and more effective ways to reach new people. One of the best and most underutilized ways to do that is through social ambassadors – people who love your work, support your mission and have a wide reach of their own. They can reach out to their own networks on your behalf, bringing in new donations and awareness of your cause.

Today’s guest, Beth Kanter, is an international non-profit thought leader who knows a thing or two about non-profit fundraising and how social ambassadors can help. Listen to the episode to hear Beth’s thoughts on this interesting subject.

Topics discussed this episode: 

  • How influencers can help nonprofits
  • What type of person can be a social ambassador
  • How Beth once raised $5000 in 15 minutes with the help of influencers
  • How changes to Facebook will affect nonprofit fundraising
  • How video content is becoming more important for engagement
  • The importance of leaning into new technology 

Listen now:

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Beth Kanter

The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit

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Quotes From This Episode:

“Who are the people that already support you, or are interested, or their interests is aligned with your campaign or organization, and who are their networks?”


“If your organization has been able to build a really engaged organic fan base, and if you’re producing content that people are talking about and interacting with and sharing, that’s not going to change.”


“Groups are a great way to manage your influencers and fans.”



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