Episode 38: The Intersection of Offline and Online Tactics In Major Gifts

August 15, 2017 Maggie Carli

Our topic this week is the intersection of major gifts when it comes to online and offline tactics. Many organizations resist the idea that major gifts can be done online, so we will go over how it works and what the concerns are. My guest to discuss is Jerusha Schmalzel, a Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud’s Arts and Cultural Verticle. She has over 10 years experience working with nonprofits and Arts and Cultural organizations as a VP of Development and Major Gifts Officer. Join us as we share the variety of ways major donors can be engaged online and increase the impact of your mission.  Topics discussed this episode:

  • Why the resistance towards online for some aspects of major gifts
  • The pitfalls of making assumptions about donors
  • Using technology for stewardship and efficiency, not just asks
  • Visually showing donors your mission with video content
  • Making unique content for major donors
  • Removing ego from major donor work

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Blog Post: 3 Tactics for Taking Major Gifts Strategy Online

Jerusha on Twitter - @jschmalzel

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“Any time we make assumptions about people we’re just removing an entire group of human beings from a certain channel that might be really appealing to them.” - Jerusha Schmalzel

“People are more apt to giving to your organization when they are currently experiencing your mission.” - Jerusha Schmalzel

“Every time you convert people into that online channel, you’re freeing up more of your time to get out there and have those one to one relationships.” - Jerusha Schmalzel

“Any tool in our toolbox we should be deploying.” - Jerusha Schmalzel

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