Episode 31: Tools for Engagement on the Web: When to Do It and How

April 25, 2017 Blackbaud, Inc.

How you tell a story on your website will determine whether or not your site visitors take action and what kind of action they take. Whether you're looking for email sign-ups, donations, volunteers, or something else entirely, engagement doesn't just happen; you have to make it happen! Join Raise + Engage host Danielle Johnson Vermenton with all-star guest Ben Wong as they share ways that you can entice all your different audiences to take action online.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • How to create a “slam-dunk” website
  • The spectrum of website engagement
  • Basic metrics to measure engagement online
  • Strategic social listening
  • Personalizing engagement to the audience

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“Everybody is trying to stand out and get noticed, but to get noticed you have to have good content that does something for the audience.” - Ben Wong


“A ‘brochure site’ is the lowest level of engagement” - Ben Wong


“By design, what are the opportunities we’re giving for engagement? Do we have a like button, is there a sharing option, is there a place for comments?” - Ben Wong


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