Episode 187: Strategies for Avoiding Tech Burnout

March 25, 2021 Blackbaud, Inc.

We already relied on technology to communicate before the pandemic, but over the past year we’ve become even more dependent on video and digital communications to live and work. So, how can you make use of the tech you need to navigate the world without succumbing to burnout?

Today’s episode features mindfulness expert Meico Marquette Whitlock in an excerpt from the sgENGAGE Rethinking Change webinar series. Listen in to hear Meico explains how distractions impact us and how to make space for mindfulness and intentionality to avoid burnout.


Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How distractions impact our lives
  • Spending mental energy bridging the technology gap
  • The effects of trying to do multiple things at once
  • How the time you’re spending online has changed
  • Why slowing down helps
  • Mindfully engaging with devices
  • Reclaiming our lives



Meico Marquette Whitlock

The Mindful Techie

7 Steps for Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance in a Digital World Starter Kit

Webinar: Why Technology is Ruining Your Love Life (And What You Can Do About It)

Rethinking Change webinar series

Working in a Changing World eBook



“It’s not lost on me that it’s not your first or your last perhaps of conversations mediated by video like what we’re having today.”

“The science tells us that it is physically impossible to do multiple things simultaneously.”

“One of the first things that slowing down allows us to do is it allows us to get clear about our aim or our intention.”

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