Episode 185: Promoting Your Value as a Database Administrator

March 4, 2021 Blackbaud, Inc.

Database administrators (also commonly called database managers, DBAs or DBMs) are often operating behind the scenes, outside of the spotlight. However, DBAs are critical team members and it’s important they promote their value within their organizations.

That’s what today’s host and guests are here to discuss. Listen in as guest host Ashley Sweeney, Technical Solutions Engineer for Blackbaud talks to Sunshine Watson, Donor Database Manager for Valleywise Health Foundation, and Carlene Johnson, Database Administrator for BC High, about how they shine as DBAs and make sure their value is recognized. They also discuss the importance of networking and continuing education.


Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Sunshine and Carlene shine as DBAs
  • Helping others understand what you do and how you help them
  • Making sure you have a seat at the table
  • Tips for showing your value to leadership
  • Making the case for professional development to your manager
  • The value of networking and user groups



Sunshine Watson

Carlene Johnson

Confessions of a Nonprofit Database Administrator

Confessions of a Nonprofit Database Administrator, Part II



“Just being able to be a fly on the wall sometimes helps me so I can do my job better.” –Sunshine Watson

“When I’m paying attention and listening, I can hear the pain points.” –Carlene Johnson

“Because of networking, I was much more easily able to land a position that had the kinds of things I was looking to work on.” –Carlene Johnson

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