Episode 139: Going Beyond Succession Planning

March 19, 2020 Blackbaud, Inc.

Succession planning is a hot topic, but is it the right topic? Today’s guest believes that organizations should go beyond succession planning and think about intentional pathway planning instead for long-term sustainability.

Miecha Ranea Forbes is the senior vice president of Culture, Inclusion and Strategic Advising at Koya Leadership Partners. Miecha joins host Rachel Hutchisson to share her experience and discuss the difference between succession planning and intentional pathway planning, where organizations should start their intentional pathway planning journey, and how everyone can take ownership of their own development and career pathways.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Miecha’s role at Koya Leadership Partners and her human resources background
  • The difference between success planning and intentional pathway planning
  • Why and how organizations should start intentional pathway planning 
  • What employees who are aren’t in senior management can do to be a part of the pathway planning process
  • How individual contributors can invest in and develop their careers outside of what the company offers 
  • The importance of mentorship 
  • Acknowledging failure and providing constructive feedback


Miecha Ranea Forbes

Article: Why Succession Planning is an Outdated Concept

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“I think it’s really important to start immediately so that you can actually anticipate the things that could occur.”

“Every role within the organization is essential to making the organization run and run well, but there are some roles that are more critical, particularly from a decision-making perspective.”

“You have to take ownership for your own success, for your development, for your pathway.”

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