Episode 120: Current Trends in Grassroots Advocacy

October 31, 2019 Blackbaud, Inc.

How has grassroots advocacy changed in the past few years? And what are the current grassroots advocacy trends that your organization should be leveraging to have greater success?

Today’s episode, recorded at bbcon 2019, features Jeb Ory, co-founder and CEO at Phone2Action and Zach Ragbourn, director of digital communications at National Parks Conservation Association. Listen in to hear Jeb and Zach speak with host Steve MacLaughlin about how to influence legislators, how digital advances have changed advocacy, and how to think about youth advocacy.  

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Changes in the grassroots advocacy space in the past few years
  • What influences legislators from an advocacy standpoint
  • Strengths of storytelling and personalization 
  • How digital has changed advocacy
  • How to think about youth advocacy
  • How to make advocacy and communication sustainable


Jeb Ory

Zach Ragbourn

Modern Advocacy Requires Modern Tools


“It’s now common and acceptable for people to share what they feel about issues online, on social media.” –Jeb Ory

“We’re turning a corner toward greater personalization and a greater need for emotional storytelling, both to and from advocates, to move the needle.” –Zach Ragbourn

“What it all comes down to is listening, honestly.” –Zach Ragbourn

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