5 Must-Haves For Your Special Olympics P2P Event

October 16, 2018 Paul St Onge, Doing Good Digital

Are you already thinking about your next peer-to-peer (P2P) event?

Most of our clients at Doing Good Digital are planning for year-end and Giving Tuesday, but many of them are also getting ready to launch their spring run/walk/ride websites. We recommend launching your site at least six months before your event to give your participants lots of time to fundraise and for you to maximize participant sign-ups.

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Here are five things you can do right now to prepare for your P2P event:


1. Build Year-Round Awareness

Building awareness for your P2P event should be year-round.

This doesn’t mean blitzing your email file with event sign-up emails every month of the year.

DO consider other creative ways to provide engaging content that builds awareness and momentum that will make recruitment easier when event time comes.

Consider launching a contest and polls over email or social media; Guess the weight of the airplane, guess the weight of an airplane wheel, logo or brochure design contest. Your monthly e-newsletter should also be featuring content throughout the year that keeps your event awareness high. If your email newsletter is already looking full of content, try a segmented series to participants or donors every two months to keep them excited and engaged with event related content.

Some Special Olympic Groups have year-round P2P fundraising events. Award and recognize your constituents that participate, volunteer and donate for multiple events. Give them a place to log-in and access all fundraising pages in one place. Award them with unique event access or content. Even provide additional recognition for fundraisers that complete all your P2P events in one year.


2. Recruitment

Call your past participants and major fundraisers to recruit them back to your event. Host an early bird contest to entice past participants to sign-up early on – giving them LOTS of time to fundraise and to recruit friends and family members. To avoid $0 fundraisers, ask participants to raise a minimum of $25 online to qualify for the draw.

Leverage your conditional content or segmented emails for captains, participants and high value fundraisers. If you are using a tool like TeamRaiser - participant data is maintained year over year, and you can promote the convenience of re-starting a team or individual fundraiser. You can award returning participants with an online badge that could be replicated in real life at the event. Consider adding a virtual participant option to your event for those who live far away or cannot make your event on the exact date. Don’t be afraid to promote the virtual option as your event day approached.

3. Coaching Emails

Send your participants emails at least once per week with fundraising tips, tricks, videos, and impact statements to remind them why they are participating. They may not read every single email, but staying top of mind is important in helping them reach their goal.

Try segmenting these emails or using conditional content based on whether they are a team captain, above their goal, below their goal, at $0 or a virtual participant. Custom achievement badges can also be a great motivator to gamify the experience for your fundraisers.

4. Make it Mobile

Over 50% of the traffic to your website and your fundraising pages will be on a mobile device. Ensure your participant center, registration pages; team pages, personal pages and donation form are all mobile-friendly.


5. Social Media

Supercharge your event with a custom event hashtag. Leading up to your event, share videos and pictures from the previous year so new participants get a clear idea of the event experience. When sharing your content, be sure to engage your audience. Ask them questions and polls to build engagement and user-generated content.

Blackbaud recently announced a new TeamRaiser Facebook integration tool that allows users to create a Facebook fundraiser with just one-click from within TeamRaiser after they register. Participants can now solicit donations on FB while your non-profit manages the donation totals through TeamRaiser.

We hope that with our tips you’ll be able to make your next event a success!

Join our webinar, Thursday Oct 24: Turning Your Passionate Special Olympic Supporters into Fundraising Rockstars

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