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Untapped Potential: The Case for Data Health

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Untapped Potential: The Case for Data Health blackbaudinstitute.com 13 K E Y TA K E A W AY S ⮞ ⮞ The majority of fundraising is still happening through direct mail, so maintaining physical addresses is still the most important factor in maintaining fundraising efforts. ⮞ ⮞ An organization with an average database of 50,000 constituents could be wasting up to $3,000 in mailing costs per mailing due to undeliverable addresses. This same organization could be wasting around $200 per mailing by sending mail to deceased records. ⮞ ⮞ Online giving is growing, but on average, 53% of records in a nonprofit's database are missing email addresses. ⮞ ⮞ Additionally, 42% of records are missing phone information. Meanwhile, the most successful organizations have phone information for at least 70% of their database. ⮞ ⮞ If an organization maintains multiple databases, using a unique identifier for each constituent can find as many as 43% more duplicates than a simple name and address deduplication process. ⮞ ⮞ Using an automated credit card updater service, nonprofits can retain thousands of dollars that might otherwise be lost on declined transactions for sustained gifts. C O N C L U S I O N As you can see, most organizations have untapped potential in their databases waiting to be unlocked by better data health practices. The best fundraisers know that relationships, stewardship, and continual engagement are key to developing strong donors, but now you can see that the best fundraisers also focus on the cleanliness of their database to facilitate those connections. By removing duplicate, outdated, and incorrect records, you can streamline your fundraising efforts, save time and money, and create a stronger impression of reliability for your donors. Don't let your organization's solid gold data go to waste!

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