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Tip Sheet: 14 Characteristics of High Propensity Donors

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December 2020 1 800.443.9441 | www.blackbaud.com TIP SHEET 14 Characteristics of High Propensity Donors BY EDDIE THOMPSON, Owner of Thompson & Associates High propensity donors are your best prospects. They have both the ability to give and interest in giving to your organization. But, how do you know who they are? Research by Thompson & Associates shows high propensity donors have some combination of characteristics that include the 14 listed below. 1 Consistency in donating at a high level ($500+). These strategic donors view their gift as an investment in your organization. 2 Never married. Singles tend to be cautious, careful accumulators of wealth because they don't have anyone to depend on. 3 No children. Parents are far less likely to have a charitable estate plan. 4 Have "successful" children. When parents feel their children are providing for themselves, they are more likely to increase contributions to charity. Listen for the donor to talk proudly about their child's house or career. 5 Highest amount ever donated in one year. Identify spikes in a donor's giving and have a conversation about what drove the gift. It may indicate there is something driving that one gift (like an inheritance or the follow-up to an inheritance). 6 Having funded a trust. You aren't just looking for charitable trusts, consider all forms of irrevocable trusts.

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