Episode 30: Using Predictive Analytics to Segment Your Top Prospects for Major Giving with Target Analytics

April 4, 2017 Blackbaud, Inc.

Today's episode is all about predictive analytics. Blackbaud's Mark Christensen is join by Melissa Bank Stepno, a Practice Manager with Blackbaud’s Target Analytics team. She has spent the last decade as a nonprofit consultant in predictive modeling and wealth segmentation programs, and she is here to share what she has learned during her time in the industry. Listen in as we learn how to use predictive analytics to identify the best prospects for major gift donations.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Common challenges of Development Offices
  • Wealth screening v. predictive modeling
  • Defining predictive modeling and wealth segmentation
  • Identifying prospective major gift donors

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“Most organizations have a larger database than what they can focus on for major gift purposes.” - Melissa Bank Stepno

“The age of big data is upon us.” - Melissa Bank Stepno

“At the end of the day, data itself doesn’t raise dollars. An organization still needs to take action.” - Melissa Bank Stepno


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